Responsible Design. Unique Solutions. Conscious Fashion.

To picture a perfectly-struck balance between the designing of unique collections and the conception of new, inspiring and forward-looking trends with sustainability in mind is to welcome the future of fashion with arms wide open. At CFM – Conscious Fabric Makers, such is the declaration that guides all efforts toward a blooming new age of textile development.

As RDD Textiles – the company that preceded the creation of CFM – came to face an exponential growth as a laboratorial and research-driven identity, it became more and more clear that a reorganization of the services provided was due. While the former brand is now switching stances to cater exclusively to R&D ventures, CFM is taking over all fashion-related activities and endeavours. The commitment to our partners remains unchanged, as do the fashionable collections and premium jersey fabrics we’ve always been known for.


With creativity and consciousness in unison, CFM presents two influential collections annually, organised in 4 distinct ranges – Contemporary Fashion, Essential, Bluespot and Wellness. These also include products and capsule collections, such as Tencel Padding, Organic & Mercerized, Undyed and mid.tone, among plenty others.